Tick Tock Turns

1215 Tick Tock-03

“When you ski, your knees and shins should move back and forth rhythmically like a swinging pendulum. Just like you did with TALL and SMALL, you’ll need to open and close the ankle, knee, and hip joint to make this happen. The ankle opens for the top half of the turn. Tick! The ankle closes for the bottom half. Tock!

Make your movements as smooth as possible and, like the pendulum, keep moving. It’s easy to get stuck and lose rhythm if the tic-tock stops. For the long turns make a long Tiiiicccckkk and a long Toooocccckkk. Short turns will sound much faster, tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock. Be careful not to hypnotize yourself with your rockin’ steady rhythm.”

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