Pizza & Fries Combo

1224 Dino (wide)-01

“In this exercise you’ll ski on easy terrain alternating between the Pizza and French Fries technique. Find a nice gentle slope where you won’t get going too fast. You might need to traverse a little sideways across the slope to stay in control for this one.

Don’t worry about turning. Get going with a smooth gliding wedge. Stand up TALL and bring your skis together in parallel for One Mississippi, then get SMALL and sink back into your gliding wedge for One Mississippi. Transition back and forth between the Pizza and French Fries as smoothly as possible. Remember, no herky-jerky moves! You’ll go a little faster when your skis are straight and parallel. And you’ll slow down when your skis are in the wedge shape. Try to keep your speed even and transition with a nice steady rhythm.”

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