Smooth Slipper

1315 SS Flat

“With just a little practice, you’ll be able to control your speed as you slip, but make sure you don’t let your uphill ski get stuck in the snow! At first you’ll have to concentrate on keeping it next to your other ski. Pretend that your ankles are tied together with a strong rubber band. Tip both shins uphill and keep that uphill pinkie in the snow. You can lightly brush that pinkie toe (and the ski) along the snow as they slip down the go line.”

Side Slipping


1313 SS Roll Yer Knees

“This simple exercise will set you up with a whole slew of skills required for nice smooth French Fries (parallel) turns.
Start in the mountain stance with your skis across the fall line. Most of your weight will be on your downhill ski while your eyeballs and the jacket zipper are pointed down the hill. Slowly get TALL and gently roll your ankles a little downhill. Your edges will release and you’ll start to slowly slip into the go line. To stop slipping slowly, you’ll need to get SMALL and tip your shins uphill to get your edges to grab the snow.”

Blue too soon?

1312 Power Wedge

“Skills that look pretty good on the Green slopes can quickly fall apart on a Blue run. Faced with a steep intimidating slope, kids that aren’t ready will revert to huge Pizza wedges and lean way too far back. This power wedge won’t work on steep slopes. These poor skiers will be fighting against the slope instead of skiing it. Little leg muscles will burn out fast! This frightening experience can end a day of skiing and set progress back.”