‘Chicken Out’ turns

1311 Garlands (wide)

“Garlands are sometimes called “chicken out” turns because you aren’t fully turning in a new direction. You’ll get the feeling of doing a real parallel turn in a nice controlled rhythm without having to deal with picking up speed in the fall line. This is a real confidence builder for easing into the parallel turn.

Find a spot where you can do a nice long French Fries traverse without worrying about traffic from above. Ski across a slope with your uphill edges engaged so they are biting into the snow. Next, slowly get TALL, gently roll your ankles downhill, and release your edges. You’ll feel yourself starting to tip down the slope. This is how a parallel turn starts. Just let it happen as you gently guide your feet downhill.”

Find Your Flow

1309 Faster

“No need to do everything at once. Spread your moves out over the whole turn. Turn your feet and legs little by little, move between TALL and SMALL the whole time. Tip on and off your edges bit by bit. Find a flow and soon it’ll feel smooth and graceful. When you feel good with the great big S turns try making snappy little s turns. You’ll probably find that small and medium turns (smedium) will control your speed the best, especially on steeper Blue runs.”