Hockey Stops

1304 Hockey Stop

“This is by far the coolest way to stop! Start out by making a bunch of J turns. Each time you do one make the bottom of the J shorter and shorter. The stopping will get quicker each time. Keep at it and you’ll eventually stop so fast that you’ll shoot a rooster tail of snow from your edges! The hockey stop is just a J turn, only faster and more concentrated into a short little stopping zone.”

My friend ‘J’

1303 J-Turn

“J turns describe the big curved J shape of the track you’ll make with your skis in the snow. It’s a fun way to introduce kids to the parallel stance, and it’s another way they can stop.

Start out by skiing in a gliding Pizza straight down the slope, right in the fall line. Before you get going too fast, turn across the hill (out of the fall line) and make that curved part of the letter J. You’ll come to a nice controlled stop with your skis pointing back uphill. It might help to have someone else make a big J turn first and then you can follow that track in the snow.”

Point Yer Zipper Downhill

1302 Turn Boots

“Your jacket has a zipper that should be used like the laser guidance system for your whole body. Think of your pants and jacket as two distinct halves, and they each move differently. Your skis down at the snow will be moving back and forth with each turn, but your upper body should be stable and smooth. Focus on a quiet upper body by trying to keep your jacket zipper pointed downhill.”